Blind Item (29/02/2016)

This A-list actor threw the biggest temper tantum yesterday after their loss at the Academy Awards. 90% of their criticism was aimed at the studio for not properly campaigning on their behalf, and ‘all the marketing people – every one – should lose their f**king jobs!’

Who is our A-list actor?

10 thoughts on “Blind Item (29/02/2016)

  1. Christian Bale, who is known for having a temper. He was nominated for The Big Short and really, there was not much of a campaign for him. There was a really strong campaign for Stallone, also, I find it hard to picture Stallone pitching a fit like that.


  2. Tom Hardy

    He’s smart enough to blame the correct people, not the voters or the generic “industry.” The studio only campaigned for Leo and the director, to seemed to me like Toms nomination was a footnote. He should have been up for Legend anyway, or The Drop last year, but he couldn’t go against Leo with a film of his own. (And Tom loves to curse, so he was my first thought). I’d be mad too.


  3. Definitely Stallone. WB set up the awards campaign late as Creed wasn’t positioned as an awards contender. But WB is only the distributor, Creed is an MGM production and IP so really WB has less incentive to spend $$$ on it. They were supporting Black Mass and then Mad Max Fury Road. Sly lost because many people in the first industry don’t like him from his ego trips of the 80’s & 90’s. He has no one to blame but himself.


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