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Month: March 2016

Blind Item (30/03/2016)

This A-list director is in the midst of deciding on his next picture. He’s stuck between two options: 1. A genre that he’s never done before that’ll really surprise people. 2. […]

Blind Item (29/03/2016)

This A-list actor is desperate for the lead role in this long running series. He’s offered to cut his fee and has been furiously pursuing the role without shame. His latest […]

Blind Item (28/03/2016)

Several plans are in the works to save this film series. The studio executives feel as if they’ve tried so hard to get it off the ground, only for continuous […]

28/03/2016 Box Office Round-Up

It’s been a mega weekend with an absolutely huge opening and several examples of good counter-scheduling. You can see our predictions for the weekend here. Batman v Superman: Dawn of […]

Wishing You a Good Easter!

Happy Good Friday, beloved readers of ours. Remember to pour yourselves an extra large glass of wine or a cold glass of beer. We hope your Easter is just as wonderful. […]

A question for our readers

Hello Gossipers, We’re wondering right now if you’d be interested in TGL changing its comment section from its current form to Disqus. Let us know your thoughts! Yours in gossip, […]

25/03/2016 Box Office Predictions

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for Box Office Predictions for the weekend. We have a huge new release in Batman v Superman, and many other releases that are expected […]

Blind Item (25/03/2016)

This is just in from my WWE source. One of their upper mid carders is quitting to try his hand in MMA / UFC. One of their top females is unhappy, […]

Garry Shandling Dead

Legendary comic Garry Shandling has died at the age of 66, according to TMZ. Shandling was the star of popular 90’s sitcoms The Larry Sanders Show and The Garry Shandling […]

Blind Item (24/03/2016)

This former B-list comedian’s income has dropped to under 6 figures a year. It’s nowhere near what he used to earn and he’s struggling to pay his bills. Bankruptcy filing […]

Meta Blind Item (23/03/2016)

This is a meta blind item, but I think it’s worthy of your attention. As some of you may know, the people involved in The Gossip Life are actually in […]

Blind Item Revealed

It’s one of the most beloved film franchises ever, but despite promises and speculation, it has been inactive for several years now – things are about to change. The Gossip […]

Blind Item (22/03/2016)

This A-list actress refuses to wear the make-up necessary for a role she plays. At first, she claimed it was due to allergies, and when the make-up team offered her […]

Blind Item (21/03/2016)

There’s much speculation about who will join the cast of this long-running hit show. Much of the loyal fandom have been campaigning for their favourites and pleading for producers to […]

Blind Item Revealed

This B-list actress on an A-list show is acquiring a status as a homewrecker. People tell me they can count several relationships and marriages our B-list actress has ruined. She […]