Blind Item (02/03/2016)

This A-list actor has been on-and-off with his wife of over ten years, but I’ve been told that they’re now off for good, and they will be moving forward with a divorce. Some interesting dirt may emerge in the proceedings, possibly involving some other big name actors. Exciting times if you love relationship gossip.

Who is he?

13 thoughts on “Blind Item (02/03/2016)

  1. On and off with his wife over 10 years? To find this out there would have to be some clear stories about the two breaking up & then getting back together but never getting divorced. Then there would be clear stories about them getting back together. If this isn’t about a couple that has tons of stories about breaking up & getting back together but never divorcing out publicly for 10 or more years then this could be about any couple.

    Ben & Jen didn’t have a bunch of stories about them breaking up & getting back together. There’s stories about him cheating, but they were still together. It’s only recently that they broke up.


  2. I still think this is Affleck & Garner. The latest scandal was the nanny thing, but I think more famous “encounters” will formally come out when they actually divorce (i.e., Blake Lively, etc.).

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