Blind Item (03/03/2016)

This B-list actor has a plan to secure his place on the A-list again. After several artistic pieces flopped in recent years, he’s reversed his outlook on life and decided he’ll no longer be seeking roles for anything other than commercial purposes.

Who is he?

6 thoughts on “Blind Item (03/03/2016)

  1. This could apply to many actors because of bad mismangement. I think Ryan Gosling would be the correct answer. All his upcoming work is highly commercial and a change from the flops in the past.

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    • I don’t see what you guys see with that cocksucker, but I’m with you on this being him. The little faggot took a year off from movies because he was upset about his critical mauling. Faggot!


    • Someone in the know told me Ryan turned down being the next Batman. In 2013 Ryan had Only God Forgives & Gangster Squad come out. GS came out in January, got bad reviews. OGF came out later but didn’t get great reviews from what I remember. He had a 2 year gap between movie releases & in that window he was offered Batman. So unless he turned it down & immediately was like “OH SHIT WHAT HAVE I DONE????” then I don’t see this being him.

      Plus he’s got a Terrance Malik movie coming out & those are NEVER commercial movies. They’re about as artsy a movie can get!


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