Blind Item (07/03/2016)

I had a conversation with a friend and regular source today about an upcoming TV show. It’s got a talented B-list star to top line and has credible staff behind it, but my friends tell me it’s unnerving how much they’re attempting to replicate Breaking Bad, to the point the creative are immersing themselves in episodes to decide the tone and look of the series.

Let’s just hope it’s the Family Guy to The Simpsons, not the Coupling to Friends.

What is the show?

7 thoughts on “Blind Item (07/03/2016)

  1. I’m not sure why I’m putting this together, but I think this is Ozark on Netflix. It has that turd burgler Jason Bateman as the lead and he’s for some fucking reason considered B list.


    • That’s a really good guess. The timing is right, too. I hadn’t heard of this show before, but I’m looking up some information on it, and they say they are planning to start production this Spring. It would make sense if the team is taking notes right now.

      Not sure that Bateman is B-list. My mom knows who he is, which is a pretty good metric for A-list. Feel free to call her a whore.


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