Blind Item (09/03/2016)

It’s not hard to attract A-list actors to a superhero flick. It’s high exposure and usually quite a bit of cash, too. This superhero flick, however, struggled to attract anyone of note. 90% of the people they offered it too turned it down. It has a forgettable, by rote script and an underwhelming lead. Some are already comparing it to 2011’s The Green Lantern.

What is it?

11 thoughts on “Blind Item (09/03/2016)

    • Doubtful. The tracking for Suicide Squad puts it slightly ahead of DC films’ Batman v. Superman in what audiences are anticipating.

      I think this item refers to the upcoming Spider-Man film. Are there any interesting twists to Spidey’s story? (Especially if we get yet ANOTHER origin story).


    • Tom Hardy was forced to drop out because he was still filming the Revenant. He wanted badly to be in the film.

      I think it’s the Spiderman reboot, because who even asked for that?

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  1. X-Men: Apocalypse will be the biggest disappointment this year, but I don’t think it qualifies for the blind. The underwhelming lead is key; almost all of the big blockbusters are team-ups for the next few years. Everything about the blind screams 2016, but I’m going to stretch out another year and say Bloodshot, scheduled for 2017.

    Who the hell is Bloodshot? Great question, and that’s why the shitty spec script by a couple of hacks matches the blind. Here are your two luminaries:

    Jeff Wadlow:


    Eric Heisserer:

    Wadlow is best known for a bunch of garbage and Kick-Ass 2, which was also garbage. Heisserer is responsible for Final Destination 5 (yes, really) and a bunch of other nothing films. I guess Hours wasn’t terrible. The point is that these two have dug through the bargain bin to find the last semi-popular and unsold superhero, slapped a shoddy script together, and sold it to hungry and tone-deaf Hollywood execs. We get one of these every few years.

    In the next few years we have Aquaman (lol) and Captain Marvel to look forward to, but somehow I trust the MCU team to not completely fuck these up. I mean, Ant Man was pretty funny.


  2. Wonder Woman seems to be the answer to this. Kidman, Blanchett, Green, Bean are just some of the names said to have rejected / declined parts.


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