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The Wachowski Brothers are now The Wachowski Sisters


Windy City News

They burst onto the scene in 1999 with the legendary sci-fi movie, The Matrix, as innovative, original film-makers and as Larry and Andy Wachowski, and it’s been a long journey since with many a twist. Rumours spread in the early 2000s, however, that Larry would be transitioning into and the rumours were confirmed in 2012 when Larry became Lana.

Now, Andy has followed in her footstep and come out as a transgender woman known as Lily, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

This was all so unexpected, even for me. The industry is rife with speculation on the personal lives on the Wachowskis. Many asserted they were homosexuals, into dominant transsexuals. Some even suggested incest. Either way, it’s a whole messy situation. If you were wondering, Lana (form: Larry) is married to a woman, as is Lily (form: Andy). I just wish them both happiness. I hear many positive things about them as people. They’re supposedly very kind.



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