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Blind Item (11/03/2016)

People aren’t going to be happy about this one, but an A-list Producer is trying to make a new superhero movie in the works as… agenda-ridden as possible. It’s going to have a diverse cast for the sake of diversity. It’s going to have progressive messages. It’ll be interesting as hell to see how people react and I know exactly why the producer is doing it, but I’ll reveal that at a much later date.

What is the superhero movie?



  1. Initially, I’d have said Aquaman because, aside from the casting of Jason Momoa, there’s little that would get non-fans of the character excited to go see that movie.

    But, the more I think about it, the more I feel this item is about Captain Marvel. MCU’s been dragged for lacking when it comes to diversity. From what I know, the script’s being written by two women. Also, Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel’s) canonical love interest is Rhodey (who is black).


  2. Is this Amy Pascal trying to make amends for what was revealed in the Sony hack? She’s producing the Spider-Man reboot.


  3. The Runaways (Marvel)
    Kevin Feige – Producer

    They’ve been talking about making it for years, but it’s been languishing in the Marvel Vault.


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