Blind Item Revealed

This B-list actress is on an A-list show. She’s planning to ‘sex up’ and ‘modernise’ her image in the coming years to secure some work outside said A-list show, which’ll likely end within the next few years.

Who is our B-list actress?

What is the A-list show?


Ariel Winter of Modern Family

Blind Posting: October 28th 2015

If you hadn’t noticed Modern Family’s Ariel Winter has been sporting a new, sexual look since the initial blind. After her breast reduction in early 2015, Winter has been seen showing more and more skin – posting hot images on her Instagram and slamming any critics for slut shaming or sexualising her.

It is all part of Winter’s scheme to be seen as an adult actress, although some have highlighted the hypocrisy of it all. Winter is still actively looking for more ‘adult’ work, now turning down any offers similar to her role of Alex on Modern Family.


5 thoughts on “Blind Item Revealed

  1. I recall the interview where she said the whole reason she got the breast reduction was because people paying too much attention to her boobs instead of her acting.

    But apparently she doesn’t mind showing off her reduction scars and having everyone talking about them?

    What an idiot.


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