Blind Item (21/03/2016)

There’s much speculation about who will join the cast of this long-running hit show. Much of the loyal fandom have been campaigning for their favourites and pleading for producers to consider their choices, but we here at The Gossip Life have learned that the spot has already been filled and it’s going to be controversial considering the criticism aimed at the company that airs the show.

We hinted at the identity of the radio actress who made the false sexual assault claim, but unfortunately we can’t do the same this time. All we can tell you is to expect controversy and it should be revealed soon-ish, so stay tuned and grab some multicoloured, diverse popcorn for the backlash.

What is the show?


15 thoughts on “Blind Item (21/03/2016)

  1. This is definitely Doctor Who, but the interesting part is the casting and who it will court controversy from. I feel as if they may cast a POC and it’ll cause controversy with the MRAs and the Daily Mail because the BBC have been attacked for casting diversity for the sake of diversity for years, or it could be another attractive young girl and Tumblr and Twitter will be upset because they have been screaming about a lack of diversity on Doctor Who since the casting of Matt Smith.


  2. Yeah, I think it’s Doctor Who as well. Now that Moffat’s leaving, I think they will cast a POC actress for the role. The fandom is already nuts enough, but I can see it getting even crazier.


  3. It’s likely the David Tennant fans. Every time there’s a companion change they cry for Billie Piper to be brought back. There are also many who want Tennant’s wife, Georgia Moffet to reappear as the character she played on the show. Ultimately they want Tennant back as the Doctor.


  4. Rakhee Thakar is a wonderful actress though, so I’m good with the choice if she’s up for either the Doctor role or the companion.


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