Blind Item (22/03/2016)

This A-list actress refuses to wear the make-up necessary for a role she plays. At first, she claimed it was due to allergies, and when the make-up team offered her an alternative, her agent told the producers that it all hides her appearance too much and that it effects the marketability of the series and the actress. The worst part of it all? None of these excuses / reasons existed during the filming of first instalment of the series when our actress wasn’t such a big star.

Who is she?

What is the series?


10 thoughts on “Blind Item (22/03/2016)

      • But that’s not different from the first movie. She was without makeup for a giant chunk of the 1st & 2nd movies too. The blind also makes it sound like this is the 2nd movie in the series, but the 3rd movie is coming out in a couple months. If this were Jen it would say that she wasn’t like this in the 1st two installments. I think this is going to be someone we’re not thinking about. Shileane Woodley for the Allegiant series? She’s known as the type of actress that doesn’t wear a ton of makeup, so maybe someone like that?


    • I agree. She complained about being allergic and that’s why she wore a body suit for the 2nd movie and for this one as well. Plus she wants out of it which I am game for no more mystique or get a different actress. Rebecca better portrayed her anyway.


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