Blind Item Revealed

It’s one of the most beloved film franchises ever, but despite promises and speculation, it has been inactive for several years now – things are about to change. The Gossip Life can reveal discussions for a sequel-reboot are underway, baby, and you could be seeing a new instalment within the next couple of years. The A-list lead actor wrapped up his other franchise recently and he’s ready to whip himself into shape, get into the groove and dive back into action.

What is the film franchise?

Who is the actor?


Getty Images

Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford

Blind Posting: 6th of January 2016

We told you it was coming and the story ha — Indiana Jones 5 has been officially announced by Disney. People were convinced Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper or Shia LaBeouf would be taking the lead role, but we had confirmation from a very reliable source that it would be Harrison Ford whipping himself into shape, and that it would coming very soon.

Indiana Jones 5 will be arriving on the 19th, July 2019 and it’ll serve as a sequel-reboot, as we described it. Excited? You should be!


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