Meta Blind Item (23/03/2016)

This is a meta blind item, but I think it’s worthy of your attention.

As some of you may know, the people involved in The Gossip Life are actually in the journalism / show business industry, mostly UK / LA-based. We’re not outsiders primarily relying on inside sources (although like every good journalist we do have our sources) and this has given an insight into how the industry is reacting to us.

At first, we were dismissed as another ‘fake gossip site’ but as our blind items broke in the mainstream press as news stories we gained more and more credibility, and more and more enemies… HBO, for example, is believed to hate us for revealing the shit storm that is Westworld, and I hear blames us for ‘starting off an investigation by one of the trades that led to a huge article.’

Several little bratty actresses have been known to complain about us, too, but there’s one specific A-list producer that really despises us, and has been working very hard on trying to discover our real identities and ‘exactly who we work for’.

We thought we’d take this opportunity just to say ‘Hi!’ to them. It shouldn’t be too hard to guess when you look at our past revealed items.

Any guesses on who the A-list producer is?


9 thoughts on “Meta Blind Item (23/03/2016)

  1. Without looking at previous blinds my instinct is always Harvey Weinstein when I see “A list producer.” Or John Nolan? But he’s known more as a writer than a producer.


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