25/03/2016 Box Office Predictions


It’s Friday, which means it’s time for Box Office Predictions for the weekend. We have a huge new release in Batman v Superman, and many other releases that are expected to make a mark on the box office this weekend, so let’s get to it.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 

Budget: $250 M

Rotten Tomatoes:31%

Theatres: 4,242

Current Box Office: n/a

Box Office Prediction: $180 M

Comments: There is no chance whatsoever of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice won’t take the number one spot this weekend, but the question is how much. Opening in just over 4000 theatres across the nation and boasting of an impressive marketing campaign, I expect Batman v Superman to beat the bad reviews and earn around the $180 million mark.


Budget: $150 M

Rotten Tomatoes: 99%

Theatres: 3,670

Current Box Office: $604.9 M

Box Office Prediction: $25 M

Comments: A victim of the monster that will be Batman v Superman, but Zootopia will take a perfectly acceptable amount for the weekend from families with no interest in a grim superharo flick.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Budget: $18 M

Rotten Tomatoes: 26%

Theatres: 3, 132

Current Box Office: n/a

Box Office Prediction: $18 M

Comments: It’s a fine example of counter-scheduling, debuting a light-hearted comedy for women against a dark supermovie for men, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 will make back its budget in its first weekend, I believe.

16 thoughts on “25/03/2016 Box Office Predictions

  1. Batman v Superman was awful. Zac Snyder has to be 1 of the worst directors working today. Calling Henry Cavil wooden would be the nicest thing I could say about his acting. Affleck’s acting was meh. Not great, not awful, just meh.


    • Agreed.

      The plot lacked coherence and I found myself cheering for almost no one (except Wonder Woman and she wasn’t even in it that much). Also, Henry Cavill was as unlikable to me as he was in MoS. Batfleck was pretty decent. This movie’s a mess but people are excited to see it.

      Personally, I wish I could get my almost 3 hrs back.


    • I’m not putting BvS’ awfulness on Snyder, to be honest. I’m putting it more on Goyer, who is one of the worst writers around today. Agree with you about Cavil, though. No charisma!


      • Goyer wrote the 1st draft, but Affleck said it was garbage & had Chris Terrio rewrite it & supposedly Ben helped rewrite it too. From what I’ve heard about the whole thing the final draft doesn’t resemble Goyer’s script at all. That’s what I’ve heard, but there’s always some spin being done by both sides in situations like this.

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  2. Even with the generally negative reviews and the disappointed word of mouth, there’s virtually no way (short of the apocalypse) that BvS won’t be no.1 or make anything less than $250 million. The more interesting thing to see if it’ll drop any time after the third week mark. By then, most of the fans would’ve seen it.

    Zootopia will sit nicely at the no.2 spot. Aside from it’s overwhelmingly positive reviews, moviegoers have loved it (I’ve yet to come across anyone hating it or being disappointed by this movie. I haven’t seen a reaction like this one since Inside Out or, going further back, Shrek). Finally, it’s a neat alternative for people who: don’t care about Bvs but still want to go to the movies, families, etc. I’m predicting it’ll snag $35 million.

    Since virtually no one asked for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, it’s going to flop with less than $10 million intake by weekend’s end.


    • Zootopia’s doing great & will probably keep doing great because there isn’t a ton of family friendly stuff out now. I have a feeling BvS will have a pretty huge drop off next week in the US, but in other countries it’s still going to do good business IMO.


      • Yeah, I think the only other big kids movie is Kung Fu Panda 3?

        You know, I was going to say that BvS was going to drop in a week. Given the number of Superman and/or Batman fans, however, I’m sticking to my “will drop in 3 weeks”.

        Also, yeah, there’s no way it’s not going to make bank–which, in some ways, it’s a shame because DCU fans deserve way better than this movie.


    • Finally there’s people that love talking box office as much as me!!

      I can see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 flopping, but as GL says it’s there to eat up the female audience against Bats, so it’ll be interesting.


      • 🙂

        I’m a bit baffled that people love MBFGW enough to be enthusiastic about its sequel. After all, it’s been years since the first movie premiered. This whole thing reminds me of when the sequel to Legally Blonde came out and even the fans were embarrassed.

        FWIW, I do think that Wonder Woman is a huge draw to female fans. BvS is kinda counting on it (I think) to get more people in the theater.


    • I don’t remember a thing about MBFGW and you’re so right. It’s freaky how people are so excited for these sequels.

      You know I didn’t even think of it like that. I suppose it’s a different female audience, but it will be interesting to see if that makes a difference to the gross. Chances are Batman v Superman will flop, they’ll blame it on Wonder Woman, and we’ll never get a female superhero movie again.


      • Everyone said Mad Max was going to have a big female audience because of it being labeled a feminist movie by critics, Charlize & George Miller, but it got beat by Pitch Perfect 2 on opening weekend & made most of its money over seas with way over half of the audience being male. From what I saw when I watched BvS most of the guys in the audience seemed more excited to see Wonder Woman than the women.

        The 1 good part for BvS is that unlike Mad Max there isn’t a very clear movie that would get women really excited to see it. I liked the 1st MBFGW but I don’t have anywhere near the excitement to see a sequel like the girls that went to see Pitch Perfect 2. I’m sure it’s going to do ok but it’s not going to get near the box office numbers of the 1st MBFGW. It’s smart to have counter programming for movies like BvS though, so it’s going to do ok because a bunch of parents & grandparents are going to bring their kids/grandkids and let them go see BvS while they watch Greek Wedding 2.


      • Wonder Woman is among the few things that’s garnering any kind of positive reaction from both critics and moviegoers. Seeing how the WW movie’s in production, I’m not worried that the studio’s going to shelf it.

        Critically, BvS is something a dud, but the movie’s going to rake a lot of $$$. If I understand it correctly, the overall budget’s is ridiculously high. Still, even if it doesn’t recoup all of the money (doubtful that won’t happen), the studio’s determined to establish DCU no matter what. I predict that Suicide Squad will wash away any nasty taste leftover from BvS.


      • Nowhere Girl – the budget for BvS is reported to be around $250 million but that was just the price for production. It doesn’t include the price for advertising. They had a pretty big ad budget so it’s possible when all is said & done that BvS cost $350 to $400 million. I think that would be the price before tax breaks, so the price will come down a little for Warner Brothers. But yes, they are determined to make their DC universe to compete with Disney/Marvel. It’s too bad they went about creating that universe by putting their trust in a bad script & shitty director.


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