Blind Item (25/03/2016)

This is just in from my WWE source. One of their upper mid carders is quitting to try his hand in MMA / UFC. One of their top females is unhappy, claiming she wants to be pushed in the ring and not as a valet. There’s a lot of confusion at the moment since Shane McMahon returned to the company with no one in know about whether he’s going to stick around as a performer or a suit. The WWE are said to be bringing back the brand split, however.


3 thoughts on “Blind Item (25/03/2016)

  1. All I know from wrestling is what I see when my husband is watching it. There’s only 1 “diva” that doesn’t wrestle that I can think of. The Russian girl Lana. I don’t know who the guy would be though.


    • My boyfriend loves wrestling too. I kind of like the pageantry of it all. It may be the gayest thing ever and I love it.

      Wade Barrett is the wrestler who has quit, and Lana is the manager who wants to be in the ring.


      • My husband had a few drinks in him & I asked why he liked pro wrestling & he made this argument that it’s like modern dance that you see on So You Think You Can Dance. It actually made sense too! In the ring they’re telling a story through body movement, just like the dancers are. It made me appreciate it a little more, so I don’t hate watching it like I used to when we started dating.


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