Blind Item (28/03/2016)

Several plans are in the works to save this film series. The studio executives feel as if they’ve tried so hard to get it off the ground, only for continuous failure or flops. Although they expect to make bank on their latest shot, the reviews are humiliating, especially in comparison to their rivals

A plan is to offer one of their A-list actors the opportunity to take over as the creative head of the series, but several of the lower executives believe he can’t handle the pressure right now and they should stick with their current creative head. Another plan is to alter the dark tone to a lighter one.

It’s pure chaos at this studio right now.

What is the film series?

What is the studio?

26 thoughts on “Blind Item (28/03/2016)

  1. Warner Bros with DC .Affleck as new creative head ( a strong rumor says since his casting as Batman that WB wants that he directs,writes and stars a Batman movie)
    Hack Snyder already says that Justice League will be a lighter tone


  2. I thought no one cared about reviews in Hollywood? Hopefully the one good thing that comes out of this is people learn how untrue that sentiment is.


    • It’s not the reviews from critics, it’s that a large number of fans aren’t happy with the movie. They went to see it opening weekend, but paying to see it once doesn’t mean you liked it or want to see another movie in the series.


      • I’m not so sure. I remember how competitive studios could be, and I don’t think for one second that MCU’s groundbreaking success isn’t killing DC and Warner Brothers right now.

        Of course the fans’ unhappiness is part of it, but to get worse reviews than Paul Blart? Ouch.


      • Yes it’s killing them that Marvel/Disney are doing well. They care about making money & comic book movies are making money. I guess what I’m saying is if Warner Bros execs knew that the quality of the movies wasn’t really going to change the amount of money they made then they wouldn’t give a shit & they wouldn’t make any changes. It’s not Marvel’s success & the critics liking Marvel movies more that’s driving them. It’s how much money they make that’s driving them. I had a story from an agent friend about all this but I started to write it & it got way too long! So I’ll just say that Warner will always care about how much money their making 1st & everything else is 2nd to them.


    • Although I don’t think anyone in Hollywood or connected to DCEU is concerned with the movie critics’ overwhelmingly negative reviews, the word of mouth from the moviegoers is nowhere near positive. Yes, there are people who liked (maybe even loved) BvS, but those who didn’t have been pretty vocal about it.


  3. I’m thinking about this blind because it seems obvious it’s about Warner & the DC movies, but the way it’s worded makes it sound like it’s about a movie that hasn’t come out yet. I wonder if this is the Gossip Life trying to trick us by having a blind that sounds like it’s about Warner/DC but is really about something else.

    Nah, I’m probably over thinking it! About DC/Warner…….. I heard that they were thinking about hiring David Ayer to direct Justice League because they really like his work on Suicide Squad. It has a lighter tone, but still has a dark edge to it from what I’ve heard.


      • It really depends on David’s contract. It’s not like Suicide Squad is made by a different company & he’d be bound by that contract & be unable to make the Justice League movie. It comes down to if Warner wants David to do it & if David wants the job. He might not want that kind of pressure. He’d basically be putting the entire weight of Warner’s DC movie universe on his back. I would understand anyone not wanting that kind of pressure.


    • Excuse me but Suicide Quad is still in post production and only has a trailer .Nothing says it is a good movie ( all I see is a messy violent fun movie)


      • Technically it is, but Warner has definitely watched the movie. It might not have had all the special effects & might have been an early cut, but what they saw was enough to green light a sequel. David Ayer possibly taking over for Snyder is a rumor that goes back several months. I have no clue if Ayer wants the job, or if Warner wants him to take over, but it’s been a rumor for a bit.


    • I kind of had the same instinct. Could it be Bond? I doubt it, because Spectre is too old to fit the blind. The part about successful rivals and tone fits really well, but that’s it.

      I’m going to take a wild guess and say Star Trek. I’m hearing some chatter that Beyond is going to be a huge hit, mostly thanks to the F&F guy’s influence. I could definitely see them handing the reins to Simon Pegg, assuming Lin backs out or they get into some other dispute. Beyond appears to have a much lighter tone than the crappy Khan movie, which was a disappointment. They have an obvious rival that is creaming them (Star Wars). Maybe I’m just working off wishful thinking, but I would love for Simon Pegg to be the king of Star Trek going forward.

      It’s still probably DC and Batfleck, though.


  4. Basically everything that Plumpicarde said.

    WB does have 2 potential aces to play and make people who disliked/hated BvS give JL a chance: Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman.

    In an ideal world, WB would rethink having Hack Snyder (love that nickname) helming the Justice League movies. Realistically speaking, I’m feeling that, short of stopping production, that’s not going to happen. 😐

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  5. @Scott Foster:

    He’s trying to save his job, I guess. If TGL knows that Warner Brothers wants a lighter tone going forward, then no doubt Hack Snyder’s people know it, too.

    True. However, JL part 1 begins filming really soon (I wanna say April 11?). Is WB going to pause things, take Hack Snyder out and put someone else as director? OTOH, what’s the likelihood that Hack S will acquiesce to the studio’s potential demand to lighten things up or cede some control as far as the final cut is concerned?


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