Blind Item (29/03/2016)

This A-list actor is desperate for the lead role in this long running series. He’s offered to cut his fee and has been furiously pursuing the role without shame. His latest plan was to find a role that resembles it and use it as an audition of a kind.

Who is he?

11 thoughts on “Blind Item (29/03/2016)

    • Agreed, it’s got to be F&F and Paul Walker’s position in the cast. I’m going to guess Keanu Reeves. He’s very Paul Walker-esque and he’s rumored to be in something called Rally Car. I’m guessing that GL’s source is also responsible for the press tip-off last month. Other outlets are reporting it as fact, but IMDB still has it listed as a rumor. Not 100% sure what is going on behind the scenes, but the clues match the blind.

      There’s also William H Macy from Shameless (without shame). Not sure why he’s after that kind of role at all, I just think the clue sticks out.


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