Blind Item (29/04/2016)

This D-list actress, famous for Baywatch, is in negotiations to star in a sextape. Not Pam, obviously.


Who is she?

Blind Item (29/04/2016)

Bizarre blind item, especially considering we broke the story about Remini converting her family to Catholicism back in 2015. After working with this legendary A-list actor / director, this B-list television actress left irreligiosity and atheism to become a catholic, reverting back to her childhood faith.

Who is she?

Who is her proselytizer?

Blind Item (28/04/2016)

This former A-list actress is ‘increasing viability’ by calling the paps constantly because she’s going full steam ahead with her comeback. After a couple of years of retirement, she’s returning in a big way and thinks she’ll be right back on the A-list. She seems to have forgotten that her last couple of movies have flopped and her star was fading before the ‘break’.

Who is the actress?

Blind Item Revealed

The first episode of this A-list TV show has leaked onto the deep web. Expect to see the news story breaking very soon as it reaches more mainstream websites. What is it?


Game of Thrones

Blind Posting: 23/04/2016

The first episode of Game of Thrones was to be released by HBO on the 24th of April, but it actually leaked the morning before on the deep web. The Telegraph in the UK was the first newspaper to realise this and posted an article later that night. This follows the damaging leaks Game of Thrones faced last year when four episodes found their way on the Internet.

Blind Item (26/04/2016)

This ‘actress’ who is under 20 is planning on stripping off and posting naked very soon. She’s contemplating between ‘leaks’ or a magazine. It should happen by the end of the year. She wants the world to see her naked. She thinks her body is ‘off-the-chain.’

Who is she?

25/04/2016 Box Office Round-Up


What a bloody weekend a the box office. The Jungle Book was crowned king of the kingdom, The Huntsman fell on its axe and The Barbershop closed down to a decent amount of customers.

The Jungle Book

Budget: $175 M

Overall Box Office: $528.5 M

Domestic Box Office: $191 M

Weekend Box Office: $60.8 M

Our Prediction: $60 M

Comments: The Jungle Book did just as we expected this weekend and added a lovely $60 million to its domestic toll. A huge commercial and critical success that looks great for the flick’s director, Jon Favreau. It dominated at the box office and caused a lot of embarrassment for other flicks this weekend…

The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Budget: $115 M

Overall Box Office: $100.3 M

Domestic Box Office: $20.1 M

Weekend Box Office: $20.1 M

Our Prediction: $35 M

Comments: Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron are hiding their faces in shame after this lacklustre opening, although it looks particularly bad on Emily Blunt, who was the focal point of a lot of the marketing. Kristen Stewart is smiling somewhere, and Jessica Chastain is regretting her involvement. A woeful domestic opening that is so bad that isn’t saved by a good international debut. Theron, Blunt and Hemsworth were paid more together than the film actually reeled in domestically.

Barbershop: The Next Cut

Budget: $20 M

Overall Box Office: $36 M

Domestic Box Office: $36 M

Weekend Box Office: $10.8 M

Our Prediction: $12 M

Comments: A very decent weekend for Barbershop 3, but still not enough to make Barbershop 3 a success in any way, shape or form. Ice Cube will be picking a sequel to Lets Be Cops over Barbershop 4.

See you on Friday!


Blind Item Revealed

There’s much speculation about who will join the cast of this long-running hit show. Much of the loyal fandom have been campaigning for their favourites and pleading for producers to consider their choices, but we here at The Gossip Life have learned that the spot has already been filled and it’s going to be controversial considering the criticism aimed at the company that airs the show.

We hinted at the identity of the radio actress who made the false sexual assault claim, but unfortunately we can’t do the same this time. All we can tell you is to expect controversy and it should be revealed soon-ish, so stay tuned and grab some multicoloured, diverse popcorn for the backlash.

What is the show?


Doctor Who & Pearl Mackie

Blind Posting: March 21st 2016

The new Doctor Who companion has been revealed and it’s a black actress Pearl Mackie who will portray a character with the unisex name ‘Bill.’

The BBC, who produce the Doctor Who series, have been under fire for the last several years for what’s dually been perceived as ‘multicultural bias’ and casting for the sake of diversity. This was bound to cause criticism from the anti-BBC folk.

Just wait until it airs.

Blind Item (25/04/2016)

This successful television series is losing one of its leads. They feel they’ve explored the character and their storylines as much as possible, and the actor wants off, so they’re going to kill them off. It’s going to be a shocking twist and they’re praying there are no leaks before it happens. They hope it’ll be a Game of Thrones, Internet-breaking moment. And it very well could be.


What is the show?