Blind Item Revealed

This B-list actress, who has been nominated for an Oscar, is looking for a lead role on a television series. The reason? Nearly every role (95% at least) she’s been offered in the last three years in movies has been either ‘The Mother’ or ‘The Wife.’

Her agent advised her that if she wants another good role that she needs to start searching for a television show, or invest in some plastic surgery because a lot of people feel she looks older than her years.

NFL Honors Awards, San Francisco, America - 06 Feb 2016

Photo by MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock

Amy Adams

Blind Posting: 5th February 2016

This broke a lot sooner than we expected. At the time of writing, negotiations were underway, but nothing was cemented. Now it is. It’s been announced over the weekend that Amy Adams will return to television with a lead role in a HBO television series written by Gillian Flynn.

In the last three years, Adam has only appeared in 3 movies, but she has two movies expected to be released later this year. Adams, while only 41, is constantly being offered and accepting roles in which she plays middle-aged, or ‘The Wife’ or ‘The Mother.’

She wasn’t happy.

In Sharp Objects, Adams will portray a journalist without children or a husband investigating the murder of two teenage girls. As we mentioned in the blind, this isn’t a miniseries, which is what a lot of A-list actors prefer to star in on television. This will be an ongoing series with potential for more series.

15 thoughts on “Blind Item Revealed

  1. In what world is Amy B list ? In what world does she look older than 41 ? She looks younger of 10 years ! The one reason why she worked less is BvS long long filming and the Janis Joplin movie project who finally is over.


  2. I’m 31. I think I look 31. I’m an actress. I get mom roles ALL the damn time. That is simply what most female roles over 25 are. And while I COULD be the mother, it seems weird when the kids are pushing 10.

    I say good for her that she went to TV rather than fuck with her looks. And it’s HBO so it’s not TV right?


    • I don’t think half these commenters how sexist Hollywood is when it comes to roles for women. There’s a reason actresses (not including you of course!) are so fucked up and infatuated with trying to look young.


      • Indeed.

        Honestly there aren’t many roles that are specifically for 30 somethings. That’s a huge part of it. There’s just this big void between young women and 40 something moms and so on. I’m not sure what Hollywood thinks 30 something women do, disappear off the face of the earth then reappear when we’re over 40?
        More than half the roles I get are actually casting 30s-40s. And I bet that over 50 is just grandmothers!


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