Ariel Winter Hits the Beach in the Bahamas


Splash News

Modern Family actress Ariel Winter, 18, loves showing off her body. The comedic actress was seen at the beach in the Bahamas with boyfriend, Laurent Gaudette, on several different occasions.

I’m guessing that she called the paparazzi for these set-ups, and I’m eyeing the new tattoos which Winter had inked after her 18th birthday and are said to be dedicated to her immediate family.


Splash News

6 thoughts on “Ariel Winter Hits the Beach in the Bahamas

  1. She does look stupid and her body is pretty bad to be so young. This oversexed teen thing is gross. You want some attention? Put on a modest outfit and don’t act like a retarded whore.


  2. What I don’t get is she got a reduction, then says women are too sexualised in Hollywood, then wears a push up bra, then tells girls to love themselves the way they are, and then starts posting racy snaps on Instagram and organizing swimsuit Paparazzi shoots.

    She’s insane.


    • I kind of agree with you here. She isn’t making any sense at all. I’d never seen this girl in a remotely sexual light until she started complaining that people were sexualising her, then she suddenly began posting all these sexual selfies and attacking anyone who claimed she was sexualising herself. Girl needs help.


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