Blind Item (09/04/2016)

Behind-the-scenes, this online network has just acquired some huge Oscar bait that has been anticipated for years. They’re planning on pumping resources into it. They really want it to work. They feel it’ll see them being taken seriously in the fields of movies. An A-list is in talks for the iconic role.

What is the network?


8 thoughts on “Blind Item (09/04/2016)

  1. Okay, so this is obviously Netflix, but the better question is: what role, what actor? I’m going to guess that they are producing a John D. Rockefeller biopic (pumping resources), written as a series in the same style as Narcos. Not sure who the actor might be. Richard Dreyfuss is probably too old. Tobey Macguire would probably kill it. So would Elijah Wood. Whoever it is will need to look convincingly young for his early years, and realistic in makeup through his 50s. Jesse Eisenberg’s not-very-realistic version of Mark Zuckerberg is actually closer to Rockefeller in attitude, though not looks. It’ll be one of them, I think. The character has to feel like a titan despite his stature.


  2. Amazon Studios. They, and Netflix have both been positioning themselves. Amazon seems more willing to sign a blank check for it.


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