Blind Item (11/04/2016)

This actor is an A-list movie star, but he doesn’t only like to get involved with the action on the set. Our A-list movie star loves to get ‘action’ elsewhere… A steamy affair, you’re thinking. Maybe even gay!

No, no, no. Our A-list movie star LOVES video games. He’ll set one up and play it for HOURS on end. Does he hide his identity? Does he flush away his distinctive accent and disguise himself? Nope. He loves talking away on the headset and although he takes no prisoners in the world of gaming, he’s actually pretty damn cool to talk to.

Who is he?

16 thoughts on “Blind Item (11/04/2016)

  1. I don’t know how everyone else feels about blinds like this, but I love it! I like that TGL doesn’t always have blinds about people being horrible, being gay, cheating on someone.

    I looked up A list actors that love video games & Daniel Craig was listed as loving a game called “Halo.”


    • Not only did it say he liked games, it said he talked about it in an interview & said he played them so much that it was a big reason a relationship ended before he was married. He had to wait for the ex girlfriend to leave before he would play. Playing on set might be the only way he can play games if his wife doesn’t approve.


  2. It’s Henry Cavill. He said in the BvS promo tour that he had been playing World of Warcraft when Snyder originally called him to give him the role of Superman but he was so focused on the game that he missed the call.


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