Blind Item (13/04/2016)

This teen starlet, who is better known for Instagram and Snapchat than TV and film, is considered to be very relevant with the young crowd and is on top of the hottest trend, but, according to our source who is obviously close to her, she has one very dated habit. She doesn’t shave completely down below. I’m not saying she has an out of control prickly, thorny bush. It’s groomed and trimmed. Apparently her boyfriend likes it that way.

Who is she?

22 thoughts on “Blind Item (13/04/2016)

      • I am so sorry if you do not like my comment, but everyone could see some evidence of a hairy bush if they look at those photos of Bella Thorne at the beach with her sister. So there is good possibilty that this is not exactly a blind here this time.


      • @ME

        I’m not really talking about this blind. I’m talking in general. I thought I wouldn’t have to read comments from you after leaving CDAN. My original comment wasn’t really about this blind, it was about seeing that you are now commenting here.


    • Welcome to our community fellow ex-commenter from CDAN, but don’t complain about or attack TGL Team. This is literally the only gossip site I frequent and it’s because the comment section isn’tfull of fighting or a circlejerk about how someone thinks the blinds are bullshit or whatever. Take that shit elsewhere.


  1. I’m trying to figure out why you would even remotely post something like this — disgusting and low, if you ask me.

    I don’t care who it is, some things are just personal. Geez……


    • Maybe gossip sites aren’t for you. You think someone having a little hair down there is “disgusting and low?” You’re really going to lose it when you start reading blinds about people addicted to drugs, or actresses that got an abortion. I’d say those are a little more personal than someone not shaving down below.


      • You’re my favourite commenter right now. I read this and thought it’s so minor compared to what is usually posted. I love seeing Bjd on here, but I couldn’t disagree more on this being ‘disgusting and low’.


      • @Scott Foster

        Thanks! A blind like this is nothing compared to what I usually see on gossip sites. I think of blinds like this as a nice alternative to the “this celeb was raped, had an abortion, & is now addicted to heroin.”

        (I normally like Bjd’s post too for the record!)


      • I completely gree. There are way darker and worser personal blinds than this on CDAN (Enty seems to revel in such things). It is good to see something of a much lighter tone. If you know what I mean.


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