Blind Item (14/04/2016)

Which A-list superstar had his team of lawyers threaten us after a recent post of ours? CLUE: The post has since been removed.

8 thoughts on “Blind Item (14/04/2016)

  1. It appears that the 04/10/2016 post is missing, titled What’s Life without Gossip…
    I can’t remember the details of the post and I can’t find a saved page on the intrnet history sites for that date, the latest page saved here was 03/05/2016.
    The timing however seems to fall in line with the Elton John reveal, but you have the celebrity listed as A-.
    That’s all I’ve got.


  2. Cue my lack of surprised that Elton John sent his lawyers after TGL. At this point in his life, he’s raring to pick a fight with anyone and everyone. That guy needs to go away and stay away.


  3. My brother has worked on Billy Joels crew for as long as I can remember. When Elton & Billy toured together, Billy always and still does give his crew hefty bonuses among other perks. (Eg: my brother had a $100k year end bonus the year before Billy had hip surgery). Elton was always known as the cheapskate to his people, gave NOTHING.


    • This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Elton has always overblown his own importance. The Putin prank call is just one example of this.


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