18/04/2016 Box Office Round-Up


What a weekend for the box office! The Jungle Book absolutely devoured its competition and the third instalment of the Barbershop series performed very well, too. Let’s get into it.

The Jungle Book

Budget: $175 M

Overall Box Office: $290.9 M

Domestic Box Office: $103.5 M

Weekend Box Office: $103.5 M

Our Prediction: $80 M

Comments: The Jungle Book took no prisoners over the weekend, debuting to a smashing $103.5 million and blowing our prediction out of the way by over $20 million. It’s the second biggest opening weekend in April, just behind Furious 7 starring The Rock.

This truly was a fantastic weekend for director Jon Favreau, who has struggled to secure a hit outside the Iron Man series since Elf. The Jungle Book features an ensemble of Bill Murray, Christopher Walken and Ben Kingsley who were also in search of a theatrical success.

Barbershop: The Next Cut

Budget: $20 M

Overall Box Office: $20.2 M

Domestic Box Office: $20.2M

Weekend Box Office: $20.2M

Our Prediction: $20 M

Comments: Barbershop: The Next Cut banked what we expected it to make over the weekend and finished just behind Barbershop 2, which earned $24.2 million back in 2004.

The Boss

Budget: $29 M

Overall Box Office: $44.3 M

Domestic Box Office: $40.3 M

Weekend Box Office: $10.1 M

Our Prediction: $12 M

Comments: Under what we predicted and a mediocre taking for The Boss after a very bad showing at the box office. For a film that features Peter Dinklage, Kristen Bell and Kathy Bates, it truly should’ve done better. It doesn’t help that her efforts with husband Ben Falcone often fall flat, but this is more fodder to say Melissa McCarthy’s star has dimmed.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice added $9 million to finish 4th; Zootopia took in $8.2 million for a fifth place finish.

See you on Friday!

6 thoughts on “18/04/2016 Box Office Round-Up

  1. Huh, so I got 2 out of my 3 predictions right. I think that my guessed $45 mil for Barbershop 4 was prompted by the fact that it’s a long standing series. It’s obvious enough people like it (otherwise, why keep churning them out?).

    Maybe it’ll make bank with DVD sales.


  2. I was off on Barbershop & Jungle Book. I was thinking $70 to $75 million for Jungle Book & $30 for Barbershop. I think the best part of all of this is watching over the past month how far Batman v Superman has fallen. They better figure out a way to make the next movies way, way better or Warner Brothers is going to be losing hundreds of millions of dollars.


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