Blind Item (19/04/2016)

You may like this A-list TV actress, but trust me when I tell you she’s no friend of yours. She’s had a decent run with several successful TV shows, but it’s only one A-list TV show that she’s really known for. An A-list model-trying-to-act joined the cats and our A-list TV actress bullied her and made her feel so bad that she quit the show several episodes early.

Who is our A-list TV actress?

Who is the A-list model-trying-to-act?


13 thoughts on “Blind Item (19/04/2016)

    • Strange because I’m leaning towards Sarah Jessica Parker and Bridget Moynahan on Sex and The City. My ex used to love that shit and Bridget was the only smoking hot chick they had on the show. I can see that horsefaced having her wrote out.


    • The cats. It’s probably the cats. Everytime I see Zooey I’m like there she goes, bullying cats again.

      [im sorry I just can’t get over the cats. and now Tom Hiddleston is doing the VoiceOver for my thoughts and the giggles are starting to hurt. Ok yeah maybe I just need to leave work and get some sleep.]


  1. This is one of the FRIENDS cast and Elle MacPherson. I’m thinking because of the adjectives it’s either Lisa Kudrow or Courteney Cox-Arquette, not Jennifer Aniston.


    • That’s my guess. The blind hammered home the “friend” part and she was in several TV shows. Jennifer Anniston is more associated with movies. Lisa Kudrow hasn’t really been on many shows.

      Courtney Cox it is.


  2. If it’s Elle Macpherson from her Friends stint then Courteney did everyone a favor because Elle was stinking it up and needed to leave the show.


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