Blind Item Revealed

A decision has been made to slowly phase this A-list fighter out of the company. Their heart is no longer in the game and the hierarchy knows it.

Who is the A-list fighter?


Conor McGregor of UFC

Blind Posting: February 15th 2016

I guess this story has broken in a big way. Conor McGregor has announced his retirement from mixed martial arts last night on Twitter, stunning the fighting world. The truth of the matter is McGregor’s heart was no longer in the game, as we said. He lost his motivation for it and UFC knew it. A tell-tale sign was his considerable weight gain before his most recent bout. It set off warning signs in the UFC hierarchy and they figured things were wrong.

McGregor suffered his first loss within the company to Nate Diaz, a fighter he really was expected to beat, last month.

4 thoughts on “Blind Item Revealed

  1. I should’ve guessed this. He’d retired before UFC came calling and he claimed to only be doing the gigs for the money. It is crash how he put on so much weight. Doesn’t the really affect a fighter’s game?


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