22/04/16 Box Office Predictions


Time to predict the box office of the upcoming weekend. We have a couple of interesting prospects — The Huntsman: Winter’s War, The Jungle Book and Barbershop 3. Let’s get down to it.

The Jungle Book

Budget: $175 M

Rotten Tomatoes: 94%

Current Box Office: $357.8 M

Domestic Box Office: $125 M

Weekend Box Office: $103.5 M

Box Office Prediction: $60 M

Comments: The Jungle Book should add healthy ammount to its toll this weekend, retaining 1st position against the odds and competition.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Budget: $115 M

Rotten Tomatoes: 17%

Overall Box Office: $43.5 M

Domestic Box Office: 0

Weekend Box Office: 0

Box Office Prediction: $35 M

Comments: The first instalment of this series opened to $56.2 M back in 2012 and I walked out of the theatre because it was so dire. I can’t see it doing nearly as well, even with the addition of Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain. With Theron and Hemsworth earning a $10 million paycheck each for this, I expect this to be an embarrassment for the pair of them.

Barbershop: The Next Cut

Budget: $20 M

Rotten Tomatoes: 93%

Overall Box Office: $24.2 M

Domestic Box Office: $24.2 M

Weekend Box Office: $20.2 M

Box Office Prediction: $12 M

Comments: Another flop at the box office, the Barbershop 3 has done pretty poor thus far, despite phenomenal reviews. It’ll have a decent weekend before it drops off completely.

See you on Monday!

8 thoughts on “22/04/16 Box Office Predictions

  1. Box office time. Woop. Woop. Woop. I’m thinking The Huntsman is going to a lot better that that. I’m guessing 40+ and I think The Jungle Book will do 70+. Can’t say the Barbershop getting as much as y’all seem to think either. 10 or lower?! Poss!


    • I agree about Barbershop. I think most of the people that would want to see a 3rd Barbershop movie saw it opening weekend. If I remember right the 1st Huntsman movie over performed, so that might happen again. But I don’t think it has a chance of topping Jungle Book.


    • I can’t see The Huntsman making that much. Reviews are quite dismal and I’ve yet to see anyone super-excited about it. But, hey, I can totes be wrong and maybe it’ll end up being no.1, right? 😉

      Can’t help but feel sorry for Barbershop. It’s not a terrible movie. Maybe it’d have made more money had it been released in the latter part of the summer, you know? Around that time when all the big movies have premiered and there’s almost nothing worth going to see at the movies.


  2. I think the Jungle Book’s going to make $70 mil. Most of the people seem to like it (though I do know of one person who thought it was boring af). It’s going to remain on the no.1 spot for at least one more week.

    The Huntsman: Winter’s War (a.k.a. the nonsensical prequel-that-looks-like-live-action-Frozen) will be lucky if it can rake in any more than $30 mil. Did anyone asked for this movie to happen? (Exactly).

    There’s really any hope that Barbershop: The Next Cut will make more than $10 mil. Good reviews didn’t bring enough people to the theaters last week. It’s a good movie but there’s been very little word of mouth. Once again, I think this movie will make back its budget on DVD sales/rentals.

    It feels like an overall ‘meh’ weekend at the movies, really.


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