Blind Item (25/04/2016)

This successful television series is losing one of its leads. They feel they’ve explored the character and their storylines as much as possible, and the actor wants off, so they’re going to kill them off. It’s going to be a shocking twist and they’re praying there are no leaks before it happens. They hope it’ll be a Game of Thrones, Internet-breaking moment. And it very well could be.


What is the show?


12 thoughts on “Blind Item (25/04/2016)

    • This is who I’m guessing too. It’s the type of show that everyone would be talking about it after it happened. That fits TWD to a T.


    • I’m not sure Norman Reedus wants off the show. If it’s TWD, they are about to kill a major character next season anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised to off another one three episodes in for the shock value.


    • If anyone knows anything about Norman Reedus & his love of the waking dead, this is completely false. No way he wants off this show.


      • Just because he loves it, doesn’t mean he feels like it’s time to leave. It’s like a relationship where you love the other person, but sometimes it’s best to go you separate ways.

        Not saying it’s definite, but killing off Daryl Dixon would be internet breaking with as many fangirls threatening to stop watching if they kill him off.


    • This is a great guess, TW fandom is nuts. But their viewer ratings have drastically declined since Hoechlbear left, so who’s left to “break” the internet anyway? Obvs I’m team Sterek, no shame! Lol (But as an aside… I think they already announced he’s leaving.)


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