Blind Item (26/04/2016)

This ‘actress’ who is under 20 is planning on stripping off and posting naked very soon. She’s contemplating between ‘leaks’ or a magazine. It should happen by the end of the year. She wants the world to see her naked. She thinks her body is ‘off-the-chain.’

Who is she?

11 thoughts on “Blind Item (26/04/2016)

  1. Probably Bella Thorne since she’s been “hacked” repeatedly, and she’s less of an actress than Ariel Winter. While Ariel Winter usually posts shot of herself and organizes “surprise paparazzi” shoots.


    • CGM is a well known and successfull actress – the quote signs around actress in the blind suggests that the woman has not been that successful as an actress.

      My guess would be on BT – I don’t think it’s AW, because she couldn’t handle any negative fallout that might come…


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