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Blind Item (26/04/2016)

This ‘actress’ who is under 20 is planning on stripping off and posting naked very soon. She’s contemplating between ‘leaks’ or a magazine. It should happen by the end of the year. She wants the world to see her naked. She thinks her body is ‘off-the-chain.’

Who is she?



  1. Probably Bella Thorne since she’s been “hacked” repeatedly, and she’s less of an actress than Ariel Winter. While Ariel Winter usually posts shot of herself and organizes “surprise paparazzi” shoots.


    • CGM is a well known and successfull actress – the quote signs around actress in the blind suggests that the woman has not been that successful as an actress.

      My guess would be on BT – I don’t think it’s AW, because she couldn’t handle any negative fallout that might come…


  2. Bella Thorne…definitely. She goes braless a lot and has had nip slips and topless pics floating around for a while.


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