Blind Item (27/04/2016)

There are videos of this A-list rapper making unbelievably racist, sexist remarks aimed at white women. It’s being shopped but no one wants to touch it, predominantly out of the fear of the backlash. If we get it for a reasonable price, we might bite.

Who is he?

9 thoughts on “Blind Item (27/04/2016)

  1. There aren’t that many surviving A-list rappers to choose from. I’m going with Eminem based on his past history. West can be a bit looney, but I don’t see him making any offensive remarks that anyone would actually take seriously enough to pay for (virtually everything he says is a joke). Jay Z and Ice Cube are too savvy. Snoop Dogg is too chill. Could be Dre?


  2. If the Rapper is a minority, then they’ll get away with it and whoever publishes it will be called a racist. I mean look at what happened with Chris Brown, fans exclaimed they could only wish they were beaten by him after the Rhianna fiasco, and he’s still fairly popular.

    If it were Eminem then it would be easy to play into the popular anti-white male mindset that circulates through the media and internet these days. So it can’t be him.


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