Blind Item (28/04/2016)

This former A-list actress is ‘increasing viability’ by calling the paps constantly because she’s going full steam ahead with her comeback. After a couple of years of retirement, she’s returning in a big way and thinks she’ll be right back on the A-list. She seems to have forgotten that her last couple of movies have flopped and her star was fading before the ‘break’.

Who is the actress?

7 thoughts on “Blind Item (28/04/2016)

  1. I can see Cameron Diaz in the rags that I read. It’s strange considering for a long period of time I hadn’t seen her anywhere. She pretty much fell off the face of the earth. According to IMDB, there’s nothing in the works for Ol’ Cammy. I’m going to guess they’ll be announcing something for her very soon.

    TLDR; Cameron Diaz.


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