Blind Item (01/06/2016)

I’m hearing mixed things on the casting for the iconic role as of the weekend. I hear someone big and an expected choice is losing the role due to a very difficult agent, who is trying to hold the producer to ransom. Another has swept in and is now considered to be the favourite.

Who is he?

Who is the other?

What’s the role?

Blind Item (30/05/2016)

This former A-list director is a legendary director of romantic comedies, but his own life isn’t as picturesque as his movies. We’re going into dark territory a little bit for this one, but he’s had a regular mistress since the 90’s, a E-list actress, who has appeared in roles in every single one of his movies since their affair began.

BONUS: Our actress also had relations with an A-list politician.

Who is she?

Blind Item (26/05/2016)


I have one source when it comes to this A-list actor and all he’s telling me regarding some very shocking news is… “Blind sided and  shell shocked, and getting increasingly angry. Expect something big from his end in response. Expect leaked stories. Expect a very public feud.”

Who is he?

Blind Item (25/05/2016)

He’s got it. Our A-list actor has got the iconic role, beating out so many competitors in the process, but… he doesn’t know he’s got it yet. His asking price for an iconic role is awfully high that producers are hoping to pressure his agent down by leaking potential castings and holding nugatory meetings.

Who is he?

What’s the role?


Blind Item (24/05/2016)

This A-list actor is in negotiations to portray an iconic superhero. What’s blind item worthy about that? Well, our A-list actor has already portrayed a different iconic superhero. Fanboys will be warring over this casting choice and the studio are worrying about how to break the casting.

Who is he?

Who is he going to portray?

Who has he portrayed?

Blind Item (21/05/2016)

We here at The Gossip Life obtained the script to an anticipated flick. We’re not posting it because we’re not as hazardous as Gawker, but we can tell you about it. First, fans of the video game on which the movie is based will not be happy. Second, it’s jam-packed and stuffed with shit, like Batman vs Robin, or The Amazing Spider-Man 2 levels of stuffed with shit. Third, it’s quite convoluted at parts and sort of inaccessible for non-game fans. Although it’s dumbed down, beat-you-over-the-head at other parts too.

What is it?

Blind Item (20/05/2016)

We’ve received a few emails recently over a blind item we posted and soon revealed. Apparently people do not believe a B-list actress’ career truly flopped because a big budgeted movie she starred in made money internationally. First, the budget does not include marketing costs which, for a movie such as this, are always in the high 8 figures. Second, studios only take about 50% of the gross domestically. Third, most international rights are sold before filming to help ease the costs of production. Fourth, a blockbuster movie needs to make at least double its budget domestically alone to be consider a success. That is why the movie flopped and they will not be making more.

With that being said, here’s our blind item. An A-list actor pumped his own cash into a movie he’s vested in and it flopped. He lost a lot of cash and is in a bad financial way right now.
Who is he?

Blind Item (19/05/2016)

According to many Hollywood figures, Donald Trump has an unbelievable amount of silent support within Tinsel Town but here is one person he won’t be getting support. She’s A-list and a big time New Yorker. She went on a few dates with Trump in the city back in the 90s and was pretty disgusted by him. I expect this to surface soon. You would never put the two of them together.

Who is she?