Blind Item (01/05/2016)

The ensemble of this legendary A-list show is iconic and distinctive, but the show-runners and producers of said show were desperate to add another cast member through its run. They tried with so many actors and actresses throughout the years, offering almost ten individuals guests roles as a trial. Why didn’t it happen? Did no one out of all the talent they tried work out? Absolutely not. There were several that they wanted full-time, but the cast would not let it happen. It was a clique of bullies, according to my insider. They protected each other and refused to allow anyone to steal the spotlight. If they weren’t manipulating situations to have actors fired, they were bullying them so bad that they felt they had to quit.

What is the show?

11 thoughts on “Blind Item (01/05/2016)

  1. Tempted to say this is either Law and Order: Special Victims Unit CSI. The latter had a bit of a revolving door in the last seasons.


  2. It’s got to be Friends, right? I can’t think of any other solid candidates. MASH? Not necessarily an ensemble. That’s all I got.


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