Game of Thrones Breaks the Internet



It’s the moment HBO wait for every season and it’s come early this year, coming only it’s second episode, but Game of Thrones has broken the Internet. Featuring the shocking deaths of Roose Bolton and Balon Greyjoy, and more notably the return to life of Jon Snow, the episode was soon trending on social media, Reddit and various other media mediums.

Game of Thrones’ opened to ratings that were a little lower than last season, but this or the next episode is thought to see Game of Thrones rise again and likely break its viewing records.

8 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Breaks the Internet

  1. The only people who were shocked by Jon’s resurrection were people who didn’t watch the show. It was the worst kept “secret” ever.

    Personally, I’m excited about episode 3 because Tower of Joy and the subsequent confirmation or negation of the R+L+J thing.


    • Actually it was the best kept “secret” as no-one knew, people only hoped and speculated he would come back and then were proved right.


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