Happy Anniversary, Gossipers!

It’s been a year since our launch in May 2015 as Brappp and I’m pleased to report that it’s been a very successful launch for us. We’re happy with our numbers and growth, and 2016 is set to be an even bigger year than the last..

We launched in May 2015 and over our first month (with a lot of advertisement) we secured about 15 thousand visits. Last month with no advertisement on our part, there were just over fifty thousand visits.

This site wasn’t launched to earn money. We’ve yet to earn a penny. It was launched to create a link between show business and you, and I think we’ve been doing a great job.

I’d like to thank Anarchy Gossip, Ohnotheydidnt, AGC and the many others who frequently cover us. Thank you for embracing us to the Gossip community.

And thank you all in our community, for visiting us and commenting on our items — you welcome and accept others, you make us laugh and smile, you are the reason we exist and we do this.


After all, what’s life without gossip? xxx


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