Hugh Bonneville Paid Prostitute to Use Sex Toy on Him


He played quite the regal gentleman on Downton Abbey, but Hugh Bonneville has been up to some quite seedy things in real life. The Paddinton actor has been revealed today to have paid reality star Helen Wood £190 for sex during her hooking days back in 2011. Wood also allegedly used a sex toy on the actor.

Bonneville, 52, obtained an injunction to prevent the story from surfacing, but the injunction has been lifted and the story has surfaced

Bonneville has been married since 1998 and has a child.

When I was working at a tabloid during the period, this story was circulating but crushed very quickly. Glad to see it out.

23 thoughts on “Hugh Bonneville Paid Prostitute to Use Sex Toy on Him

  1. Lol!
    This is evidently not true…there is no form of evidence anywhere to suggest such a thing. It makes me sick that people state false things about famous people just for attention purposes.


  2. Hugh Bonneville is a hardworking capable actor, who always gives the public good value and occasionally shows real flair. Why this should give that public a right to fumble through his privacy with the gloating guttersnipes of the yellow press bewilders me. And nauseates me.


    • Thr trouble is most actors are very good at acting out any part..and this sometimes crosses over into reality. I am sure he wished he had not performed this act with this woman. What people do inside their bedrooms is there own business but… If you use a day she will probably spill the beans for exttra money especially if you have become famouse and she is still lifting her skirt up for a few dollars. Keep to decent honest woman for sexual gratification, after forming a loving and caring relationship. Is it really worth the 2 minutes (If you are lucky?) of orgasmic it is not. Wham, Bang Thank you Mam.. is all it is in reality.


  3. Its is no ones business. If his wife is a prude and he needed to experiment, then at least he was a gentleman and paid the whore a lot of dosh for some’ turn on’ sexual experience. The whore should have kept her mouth and legs shut , her selling this story for even more dosh is what is disgusting. I hope her scabs never heal.

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