Blind Item (09/05/2016)

Everywhere this A-list mogul / director goes at the moment is a mess. He causes such crazy drama and is known to have fiery arguments with the cast and crew that people aren’t exactly lining up to work with him.

Who is he?

10 thoughts on “Blind Item (09/05/2016)

  1. David O Russell ? Because I know that after American Hustle’s filming,Christian Bale refuses to work with him again


  2. James Cameron. He’s working on the Avatar movies, they changed from doing two new ones to three or four. James isn’t exactly the coolest headed person on earth to begin with, so I’m sure he’s even more of a miserable sack of shit than normal.


    • Cameron is a control freak who doesn’t know to delegate and who thinks that the actors want to “ruin his movies”


      • That’s the nicest description of him ever! 🙂 If he could do movies with zero actors he would still treat the crew like garbage. Just a miserable person that wants to make everyone as miserable as he is.


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