Blind Item (11/05/2016)

This former B-list television actor was a cast member on a legendary TV show and he’s a very renowned liberal activist, but behind closed doors he tends to go on some of the most offensive, shocking rants you’ll ever; misogyny, homophobia, and so much more. I’d love for one of the videos of these diatribes to surface.

Who is he?

10 thoughts on “Blind Item (11/05/2016)

  1. Kevin Sorbo as Hercules the legendary journeys? I know he commented on a picture of people leaving their shoes to wait in line and thought it was a welfare line but was a foreign pic where people did that instead of waiting in linee


  2. I’m thinking Mike Farrell of MASH- a longtime liberal activist who was on a legendary show. It can’t be Alan Alda as he is more A list. Kevin Sorbo is a Republican, so it’s not him. Also, Alec Baldwin is A list- rule him out.


  3. Jim Beaver came to mind, because he’s very liberal on his Facebook page. I don’t know if he’s been in a legendary show, though. He’s done a lot of TV.


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