Blind Item (19/05/2016)

According to many Hollywood figures, Donald Trump has an unbelievable amount of silent support within Tinsel Town but here is one person he won’t be getting support. She’s A-list and a big time New Yorker. She went on a few dates with Trump in the city back in the 90s and was pretty disgusted by him. I expect this to surface soon. You would never put the two of them together.

Who is she?

12 thoughts on “Blind Item (19/05/2016)

  1. I can’t stand Susan Sarandon. She’s such a left wing, over the top liberal. Anything disgusts her. She’s very opinionated and judgemental. I can’t stand when celebs get involved in politics, and when they feel that they are so important and have so much power…that their opinion matters. Instead, it turn a lot of people off.


  2. It is Streisand. Babs has always been far more interested privately in money, although she publicly claims in her virtuous Limousine-Liberal way that she is not bothered. But The Donald squired her on a few dates and she was well impressed with his Gulfstream. But he was going through an “adventurous” period in his sex life and she’s strictly a Missionary in the Dark girl….


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