Blind Item (20/05/2016)

We’ve received a few emails recently over a blind item we posted and soon revealed. Apparently people do not believe a B-list actress’ career truly flopped because a big budgeted movie she starred in made money internationally. First, the budget does not include marketing costs which, for a movie such as this, are always in the high 8 figures. Second, studios only take about 50% of the gross domestically. Third, most international rights are sold before filming to help ease the costs of production. Fourth, a blockbuster movie needs to make at least double its budget domestically alone to be consider a success. That is why the movie flopped and they will not be making more.

With that being said, here’s our blind item. An A-list actor pumped his own cash into a movie he’s vested in and it flopped. He lost a lot of cash and is in a bad financial way right now.
Who is he?

10 thoughts on “Blind Item (20/05/2016)

  1. “Second, theatres take 50% of the gross when a movie is first released.”

    That’s not true in the United States. Theaters only get 20 to 30 percent of the gross sales in the first twice weeks of a movie’s opening. After that, the studios take less of the gross and the theater gets more.

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  2. Russell Crowe with his directional debut, Water Diviner. It explains why he’s appearing in crap with Ryan Gosling and Tom Cruise now. He needs the readies.

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  3. B list actress is Games of Thrones ‘actress in last Terminator movie

    A list actor may be Russell Crowe or Ryan Gosling for his first directed movie


  4. Most of us who are interested in film production work on a 2.5 multiple on production costs as a baseline for profitability. There might be variation on the amount spent on marketing, over seas sales packages and where in the world the money is taken, but it seems to be a good guide when you look at which films lead to sequels.

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  5. The Water Diviner made it’s money back and almost 10 million more on top of that. It wouldn’t have the same scale of promo as a blockbuster so i honestly don’t think this is Russell Crowe.


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