Blind Item (25/05/2016)

He’s got it. Our A-list actor has got the iconic role, beating out so many competitors in the process, but… he doesn’t know he’s got it yet. His asking price for an iconic role is awfully high that producers are hoping to pressure his agent down by leaking potential castings and holding nugatory meetings.

Who is he?

What’s the role?


29 thoughts on “Blind Item (25/05/2016)

  1. Tom Hiddleston for James Bond. I can’t imagine they would have the guts to pick Idris Elba, so Hiddleston probably got it.


    • Cavill? Please no. He’s a horrible actor. Not that James Bond is Oscar material, but a great actor in that part can make all the difference in the world. I’d like Tom Hardy, Elba, Ewan McGregor (who never seems to get mentioned for Bond.) There’s a ton of great actors from the UK that would be amazing for this. Hiddleston’s fine, but I don’t think many people would be all that excited to see him in the role.


      • I agree on Cavil (he’s rather wooden and, personal pet peeve of mine, doesn’t know how to wear clothing that won’t make him look blocky).

        Tom Hardy would be v. interesting because he’d bring some of the gritty vibes that Daniel Craig had when he did Casino Royale. I think he’s focusing on that historical show that’s airing on F/X soonish?

        Aaah, Ewan McGregor as Bond would be dreamy!

        Hiddleston’s on the verge of achieving the same level of overexposure as Bennedict Cummerbatch. Luckily for Tom, he doesn’t looks like an angry otter.


      • @Nowhere Girl Yep, Tom Hiddelston is really close to over exposure. The thing with him is that I think he looks more like a Bond villain. There’s a reason he was cast as a villain by Marvel, it’s because he kind of has that look. But maybe I’m alone on that.


  2. i remember a blind about Loki guy wanting so much Bond role that he was ready to be cheap
    So I guess Elba but I don’t buy he is yet A list or expensive


    • If Daniel Craig got $2 million for Casino Royale as a virtual unknown across the USA, then their agents would be asking for a lot more without a doubt. Bond producers are notoriously cheap on actors.


      • $2 million? Daniel Craig wasn’t unknown. Hell even Hemsworth the got 5 million for the first huntsman and Kristen Stewart was the star of that movie. I doubt he got less than 5 million probably 10.


  3. Whoever it is they got it without having to suck a dick? I call b/s on that. After watching the night manager I hope it’s Tom though. No offense I don’t see Idris as bond, Chiewel Etjofor yes.


    • Barbara Broccoli is the one that’s in charge of the Bond franchise. So no, they didn’t have to suck a dick. At worst they had to have sex with her, but she’s pretty known as always trying to do what’s best for the franchise & I’ve never got a feeling when I’ve met her that she’s the type to use her position just to have sex with someone.


      • @Scott Foster Michael G. Wilson doesn’t have anywhere near the power of Barbara. She has the final say & everyone in Hollywood knows it, so I doubt any of these actors would actually think having sex with Michael G. Wilson would get them the part. Everyone knows Barbara is the only person you need to impress. Michael could help get some people hired for supporting roles, but for Bond? That’s all Barbara.


      • @Scott Foster He does, but when it comes to choosing James Bond the only person that matters is Barbara. She will let others have say, she will even listen to their opinions, but in the end it’s all her & who she wants as Bond. But Michael could definitely get someone a part as a villian, a Bond girl, or other parts.


  4. Out of all the possibilities, Tom Hiddleston seems the front runner. Personally, I’d love it if it was Idris Elba or a total unknown British actor.

    Randomest guesses I can think of: Christian Bale (would he really want to become part of another franchise? James McAvoy (who is kinda tied up with the X-Men franchise, but you never know).


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