Blind Item (26/05/2016)


I have one source when it comes to this A-list actor and all he’s telling me regarding some very shocking news is… “Blind sided and  shell shocked, and getting increasingly angry. Expect something big from his end in response. Expect leaked stories. Expect a very public feud.”

Who is he?

13 thoughts on “Blind Item (26/05/2016)

  1. I read somewhere that she slept with a number of people to get that role, including Momoa. I hope that isn’t true, but it’s a hell of a way to pick your actors. No wonder they are failing.


    • She’s pretty known for sleeping for parts. It’s never going to make sense why big corporations are spending hundreds of millions on these movies & casting someone because she slept with people. It happens all the time, it’s happened throughout Hollywood’s history, but it will never make sense. Can you imagine having your career & hundreds of millions of dollars riding on a movie, only to cast someone that’s not a good actress, not really beloved by millions of people or anything, all because she slept with people? It’s insane. But it’s been happening forever & probably will still be happening when we’re all long dead.


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