Blind Item (30/05/2016)

This former A-list director is a legendary director of romantic comedies, but his own life isn’t as picturesque as his movies. We’re going into dark territory a little bit for this one, but he’s had a regular mistress since the 90’s, a E-list actress, who has appeared in roles in every single one of his movies since their affair began.

BONUS: Our actress also had relations with an A-list politician.

Who is she?

12 thoughts on “Blind Item (30/05/2016)

  1. I agree, this is probably Garry Marshall. Woody Allen would be another guess but he doesn’t really fit. We all know that his personal life isn’t picturesque.


  2. I heard this rumour from a higher when I worked for a studio. Gary Marshall and his mistress is Sandi Taylor Korn. He’s also not Jewish! Who knew??

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    • You’re right. I googled and an article in the Hollywood Journal stated this: “Sandra Taylor, an actor I managed (when I was managing), was cast in his 1994 comedy Exit to Eden and she’s acted in just about every movie he’s directed since. And it was Sandra who introduced us.” Ew, he is really really really old. Together since ’94?! That is insane. That is way too long to be the sidepiece.


  3. Shame it wasn’t Richard Curtis (noted director of romantic slush) banging his mistress Martine McCutcheon (who was slipped a length by Cherie’s Special One back-in-the-day when Bliar was in Downing Street). But then that Emma has always had a Freudian Wandering Eye herself.


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