Blind Item (01/06/2016)

I’m hearing mixed things on the casting for the iconic role as of the weekend. I hear someone big and an expected choice is losing the role due to a very difficult agent, who is trying to hold the producer to ransom. Another has swept in and is now considered to be the favourite.

Who is he?

Who is the other?

What’s the role?

18 thoughts on “Blind Item (01/06/2016)

  1. I’m going to assume the speculation was right about Hiddleston being the favorite and say he’s the one with the pushy agent ruining his chance at playing Bond. The other favorite must be someone who can work for extremely cheap. There’s a wonderful couple of Louie episodes that cover that topic. He’s brought in to pretend to replace David Letterman in order to get him to reup on his contract at a lower number.

    Anyway, my guess for the dimestore Bond is Richard Madden. He’s famous enough from Game of Thrones, but lacks the blockbuster credentials to argue for a high salary. He seems willing to work on any cheap shit job (see: Klondike miniseries, also featuring Tim Roth, another cheapo). I think he’ll get the rug pulled out from under him when Loki’s agent capitulates or gets the axe for ruining a role that his client so desperately wants.


    • And now he’s enlisted the Queen of Beards to help land the role. I threw up a little in the back of my mouth when I saw that her PE team is pushing for her to sing the next theme song. How is this shit not grossly transparent to people?

      I hate being an adult. I miss the days of ignorant fangirling.


      • Allll of that and I forgot to say:

        I hope Richard Madden gets it instead. I hope Loki wipes his tears on the cutesy sweater she will inevitably knit him out of her car hair.


  2. Hiddleston and his agent seem to have fucked up. One minute he was the favourite and now they’re talking with everyone else.


    • That’s why you don’t let your agent have free reign over your career. You’ve got to maintain some level of control or you will end up losing out on potentially life changing roles.


      • I couldn’t begin to tell you how many people have lost good roles because their agent is infuriating to deal with. My husband still has to deal with this on a daily basis and it drives him up the wall. A recent demand? A high percentage of the gross! This kid had been in one television series and he hadn’t even starred!


      • @Scott Foster Oh I know all about it! My husband’s a PR rep & my father ran a major studio in “Old Hollywood.” From the stories he told me over the years I would say that nothing really seems to have changed when it comes to agents screwing over their clients. There’s only so much BS a studio will take before they say, “we’re going in a different direction.” If Tom isn’t careful that’s going to be him.

        And I just want to say, a kid that’s been in 1 TV series wanting a high percentage of the gross is insane! I can’t believe any of these people are actually getting any kind of deal like that. Hell, there’s big stars that don’t get a high percentage of the gross! It’s a crazy business to be sure!


    • If he doesn’t get the part we might be seeing a story about Tom getting a new agent. It will be far too late to get the Bond role, but at least it can prevent him from losing out on big roles in the future.


  3. Lord I hope they cast anyone but Hiddleston for Bond. I just don’t see it. It will be a Timothy all over again. Idris Alba is the only one that fits for me suave but a bit of rough too. I’ll settle for Henry Cavill though.
    Hiddleston for actor 1. I’m not surprised he’s holding out Marvel pays shit and everything to see he’s done us small or ensemble.
    Actor 2 Idris and Henry are both flying something else right now. So I have no idea.


    • Idris is such a shoe-in and aging, too, so they better do it fast or the opportunity will be gone. Cavill would have been a good choice before getting cast as Superman.


    • I’m not big on Hiddleston either. But Cavill? He’s a horrible actor. Wooden is the nicest thing I can say about him. I’ve always wanted Ewan McGregor or someone like that, but Cavill? No thanks. I don’t think they’ve ever seriously considered Idris Elba for the part. It sounded like more of a wish by some fans and not something that anyone involved in the movie was really going to consider. Maybe I’m wrong, but I highly doubt they were ever going to go with him.


      • I’d be all for Idris or Ewan, but I also get the feeling that they might be considered a tad older than what the franchise people might want.


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