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Month: June 2016

Blind Item (30/06/2016)

This comes directly from a high-ranking, self-admitted bitter source at a network. He’s talking of an A-list singer that used to work over there. He claims when she was there, […]

Blind Item (29/06/2016)

This newly single B-list television actress is already planning on moving on from her broken relationship. With her co-star that plays her relative. Who is she?

Blind Item (27/06/2016)

How do you market a product that is considered utterly lamentable by most of the general public? You shift focus to a different part of said product, a part of the […]

Blind Item (24/06/2016)

This B-list reality star ran into some trouble when she failed to return some precious jewels she borrowed. The threat of police involvement saw her return them promptly. Who is […]

Blind Item (22/06/2016)

Want an autograph of this A-list singer? Approach her, be polite, fawn and present her with a photograph where she looks “naturally” beautiful. If you present her with a picture […]

Blind Item (21/06/2016)

This actress is C-list or B-list, but she’s getting an A-list salary for her next flick. You should find out when Forbes releases their annual salary list and she’s far […]

Blind Item (19/06/2016)

Despite the adamant denials, this former B-list celebrity IS transitioning into a woman. They already live the life, but the anatomy doesn’t line up just yet. They’re not ready to […]

Blind Item (17/06/2016)

The ex-husband of this former A-list actress was bitching about her just the other day. After a long diatribe about her behaviour and manipulation, he started going on about himself […]

Blind Item Revealed

This A-list model is a living legend in the industry and she had some very choice words for two new A-list models on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk. She didn’t like […]

Blind Item (16/06/2016)

There is a bizarre but persistent rumour about this B-list TV actress, who is relatively young, once having a stroke. While we can’t confirm or deny, we are told there […]

Blind Item Revealed

This B-list wrestling company is about to go BANKRUPT. Unless something insane happens over the next couple of weeks, you can expect the announcement or news to break very soon. […]

Eye Candy of the Week: Chloe Grace Moretz

She’s said to be dating Brooklyn Beckham, but Chloe Grace Moretz is still ‘dazed’ according to her t-shirt. Sporting chocolate nails and more gold jewellery than Mr. T, CGM, 19, grabbed […]

Blind Item (14/06/2016)

Stress and chaos at this B-list network. A TV show that the company has invested millions into has flopped, taking down several key figures’ ego with it. Wait until people […]