Iggy Azalea Claims She Caught Fiancé Nick Young Cheating



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They were engaged for almost a year and were one of the hottest young couples around, but that all ended abruptly just last week when rapper Iggy Azalea ended her relationship with basketball star Nick Young. It created a huge amount of speculation and gossip, and now Azalea, 26, is explaining her reasons for dumping the Los Angeles Lakers player.



Posting on Twitter to her 6 million followers, Azalea claimed that she broke up with Young, 31, after she caught him cheating at their home thanks to security footage. “I broke up with Nick because I found out he had brought other women into our home while I was away and caught them on the security footage.”



Azalea went on to say that it felt like ‘a second shot to the chest’ and that she didn’t know ‘who the hell it is I’ve been loving all this time.’

Young and Azalea had been dating since November 2013. Azalea had previous dated fellow rapper ASAP Rocky for a year and a half in a relationship that ended earlier the same year. Young dated Keonna Green, who is believed to be currently 4 months pregnant with his child.


Redfin.com, Courtsey Calvin Klein

Azalea and Young lived together in a $3 million dollar mansion in Tarzana, California that they purchased from singer and actress Selena Gomez back in 2014.

We here at The Gossip Life had heard several prominent rumours regarding the prospects of Young and Azalea’s engagement, and the pandemic gossip revolving around his affairs. Unfortunately we could never substantiate them, but we’ve glad Iggy Azalea did.

Azalea will be releasing an album later this year entitled Digital Distortion.

Blind Item (30/06/2016)

This comes directly from a high-ranking, self-admitted bitter source at a network. He’s talking of an A-list singer that used to work over there. He claims when she was there, she was very sweet but very fake, and would constantly spout sermons from her religious doctrine. The news story broke that she’d lapsed and she’d changed to a second more controversial, and he was stunned, knowing how devout she once was.

After he got talking to an executive within the music industry, he discovered, however, that the A-list singer had been practising the second controversial for at least 3 years before the network source even knew her. She was a fake Bible basher.

Who is she?


Eye Candy of the Week: Bella Thorne on Snapchat

She’s succeeded in transitioning from child star to adult star and picked up millions of followers on social media in the process, and Bella Thorne’s most recent offerings on Snapchat are just more evidence of why.

Dressed in an itty-bitty, denim bikini top and striped, high-waist jeans, Thorne, 18, showed off her titillating sex appeal. Her wild red hair tucked neatly back, Thorne also made sure she was on the cutting edge of the latest fashion trends, wearing the new hot fad, a silver choker.

Thorne is a social media expert with over 6 million Twitter followers (more than Demi Moore and the UFC), but it’s her hot Snapchat look that makes her our eye candy of the week.

Blind Item (27/06/2016)

How do you market a product that is considered utterly lamentable by most of the general public? You shift focus to a different part of said product, a part of the product that isn’t considered nearly as toxic and actually has previously conjured exaltation and excitement from the public.

It’s the approach a studio is taking to marketing this upcoming movie, which is causing great uncertainty and turmoil for a lot of people’s futures and projects, an uncertainty that continues to spread across every sect of the studio like a pestilential disease.

What is the movie?

What is the toxic part?

What is the not-so-toxic part?


Matt Le Blanc Linked with Top Gear Producer



He may have been the star of FRIENDS, but Top Gear star Matt Le Blanc appears to be more than just friends with Top Gear producer Aurora Mulligan, according to reports in the UK tabloid The Sun. The Episodes star, 48, is said to has been dating Mulligan, 31, for a couple of months and went public with their romance at the Hickstead Derby on Saturday. A spectator said to The Sun: “‘They were tactile and Matt seemed to be very taken with Aurora. She just kept laughing at all of his jokes.”

Mulligan recently appeared in the controversial reboot as a bride, partaking in one of the show’s stunts.


Le Blanc is also said to be campaigning for the firing of Top Gear co-host Chris Evans. Evans has received the worst reviews out of the new Top Gear reboot presenters and has made headlines for his allegedly terrible treatment of behind-the-scenes staff.

The reboot of Top Gear is struggling in the ratings, scoring only 2.34 million in the ratings, the lowest of the season and the show’s highly acclaimed and rated history.

I hear from my sources that some in the upper echelon are feeling remorse over the handling of Top Gear version 2 with many expressing regret at the hiring of Evans.

Eye Candy of the Week – Kendall Jenner in New York

It takes a lot to stand beside two models and steal the spotlight, but Kendall Jenner did exactly that this week. Flanked by model pals Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, Jenner, 19, wore a scandalously see-through top, showing off her pierced nipple for the fervent, stalkerish paparazzi.

Wearing a black choker, aviator sunglasses, button fly jeans and boots by Kenneth Cole, Jenner looked sexy and casual on the hard streets of New York, and that’s why she’s our eye candy of the week.