Blind Item (06/06/2016)

While all the public buzz is regarding an iconic role and its casting, a source hints a war is set to begin over another iconic role that is set to open up. It’s basically a license to print money and fame, thanks to merchandise and sequels. For one A-list especially, it’s considered a real steal. He’s on a bad run of for and is said to have dropped a subtle hint to an agent that he may be interested. Him and several others.

What is the role?

Who is the A-list actor?

7 thoughts on “Blind Item (06/06/2016)

  1. The iconic role everybody is focused on is definitely James bond.

    The iconic role set to open up is probably related to comic book(since it has merchandise and sequels).It can be Wolverine(most likely) or Iron man(RDJ is getting too old and expensive).

    My guess for the actor is Johnny Deep.


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