Blind Item (07/06/2016)

2016 has yet to have a huge box office bomb, but according to a source that is soon set to change. It’s a Summertime SFX-fest with little story (and dreadful test reviews) and, subject to change but as of right now, one of the largest marketing budgets ever. It’ll likely cost a few hundred jobs with the stink it’ll make. It may even claim a couple of high levels scalps. Similar to John Carter in impact.

What is it?

13 thoughts on “Blind Item (07/06/2016)

  1. Warcraft or Independence Day. Warcraft came out overseas already & has done good business. The problem, as always with overseas numbers is the studios don’t get as big of a percentage from the box office as they do here. Independence Day could fit too, but I haven’t heard as much about the quality of the movie like I have Warcraft. It’s a shame, Duncan Jones directed Warcraft & if it is as big a failure as TGL makes it sound it might not end his career, but it’s going to hurt it in a huge way. He made a movie called Moon a few years back that I really enjoyed, so it would be a shame if his career takes a huge hit.

    Does anyone know if David Bowie makes a cameo in Warcraft? Duncan is his son, so I was wondering if he made a cameo before he died that no one knows about.


    • Nah, Suicide Squad’s got OK-to-good buzz going on at the moment. There was a surprise screening last week and the general reaction was that it was a good/watchable movie.


  2. Ghostbusters is the most likely candidate. However, Tarzan better matches the clues, since the blind mentions John Carter by name and both movies are sourced from books by the same author (Edgar Rice Burroughs). I can’t find anything on the marketing budget (though I didn’t look very hard), but it’s a $180 mil production budget, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re giving the marketing both barrels as well.

    If it’s Tarzan, I feel bad for the Burroughs estate. if it’s Ghostbusters, I feel bad for the Ramis estate. I suspect I will be feeling bad for both.

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  3. Tarzan or Ghosbusters.

    The first one has some traction but I’ve yet to see a lot of enthusiasm for it. Also, like Dennis said upthread, there’s the book/movie parallel with John Carter.

    Meanwhile the latter has had a couple of rather crappy previews as well as tons and tons of hatearade from supposed “true fans” of the franchise. This movie is testing my usually optimistic personality and then some.


    • The only positive thing I can say about Ghostbusters is that the director has a decent track record. Mostly TV, but more importantly, he doesn’t have a history of producing dreck. Those previews though? If that’s the best a high-budget marketing firm can make out of it, then holy moly, that’s gonna be a bad movie.


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