Blind item (09/06/2016)

This former A-list celebrity was THE party girl in the 90’s and while she’s giving up a lot of her promiscuous ways, there’s one thing she hasn’t surrendered just yet — her love of cocaine. It shocks even her 90’s friends that she still manages to shovel so much away, and she’s known to mix the Columbian marching powder with various other narcotics and ‘bring-me-downs’.

Who is she?

13 thoughts on “Blind item (09/06/2016)

  1. Whomever she is, I’m shocked her heart is still beating. Mixing uppers and downers is an easy way to cardiac arrest.


  2. Some of the above, Kate Moss maybe or my first thought was Paris Hilton. Whoever it is will pay in the end, she may not OD now, but when she gets older I’m guessing she’s going to have major health problems and she’s going to lose her looks really quickly.


    • NGL, I thought about Paris Hilton too, but then I remembered she didn’t become a well-known party girl until 2003 more or less.


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