Blind Item (10/06/2016)

This ecstatic A-list billionaire is set to host a fabulous party very soon over a recent personal victory. Expect many celebrities to attend. He has a habit of inviting nerds and outcasts because his love of tech trumps his love of celebrities, so we may see a picture or two of the cast of Silicon Valley gawking at Lena Dunham.

Who is he?

7 thoughts on “Blind Item (10/06/2016)

  1. PETER THIEL! He just bankrupted Gawker. What fantastic news! He backed the Hulk Hogan lawsuit as revenge for the time they outed him as gay. Real scum-of-the-earth folk working there. Everyone wins.

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    • You got it, bud! Brilliant fucking news. Hopefully that log smuggler Denton gets cancer next, really kill off that evil Gawker brand.


  2. As much as i loath the crap that Gwaker spews out each day i don’t think a billionaire wanting revenge putting a media group out of business is exactly wonderful either.

    This is some Emily Thorne shit and Revenge was crazy enough as a show, it shouldn’t be real life.


    • If you’re the type to make enemies, then you better keep your nose clean. They published a private/stolen sex tape and brazenly defied a judge’s orders to remove it, and now Nick Denton gets to serve as an example to others of what not to do. The legal precedent and the gargantuan dollar figure will finally settle the sexual privacy vs free speech issue forever; no publication of any size, with any pretensions of legitimacy, will ever take that risk again.

      Nobody sued over the Fappening because there were no Peter Thiels out there with a grudge. Imagine if Gawker had gotten away with this, and the next starlet with a hacked phone gets her privates splattered all over the internet, and everyone scratches their heads and wonders why it keeps happening and nobody does anything about it. Peter Thiel did something about it.


    • I have to give you props for mentioning Emily Thorne (I watched that show to its wackadoodle end and, although I can’t defend how off the rails it got, I will always have a soft spot for it).


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